“Smile, you never know how many lives you might change with a simple smile.” - Anonymous



Christian Mata

Born in Monterrey, Mexico.Christian graduated from ICAHM in Monterrey with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. Christian is the main host of the morning show “La Regadera”. Christian began his radio career at a young age on the Mexican border. Soon, he joined the ranks of Televisa Monterrey in the sports and entertainment area. In addition to his career, Christian is certified with various courses and degrees in radio, television, photography and advertising. He has also participated as an actor in different short films. Christian has also been the official voice of professional soccer teams.

Returning to radio in 2013, he joined R Communications where you can now listen to him every morning on Digital 101.5 from 6 am-11am with his youth, joy and vitality on his show “La Regadera”, unmistakably welcoming the audience with his phrase “Princesas, Brothers y Banda”. Also playing his character, very loved by the audience: “Mitzy La Invidente de las Estrellas”.

He has interviewed and presented the Urban & Pop artists of the moment, such as: Prince Royce, J Balvin, Maluma, Sofia Reyes, and Mijares, among others.



  • To be happy and make those around me happy, without exemptions.
  • To overcome myself personally and professionally.
  • To motivate people to become better with my comments.


  • Tireless worker
  • Positive attitude
  • Creative
  • Agility to solve problems and find solutions.

“If I were an Emoji I would be:” 😉

Christian Mata | R Communications