“Ser importante es del ego, ser feliz es del alma.”/“Being important is of the ego, being happy is of the soul.”



Lylo Magaña

Lylo studied High School at El Set de Monterrey (Sistema Educativo del Talento) and later in The Film Workshops where she studied a technical career in film and television. She then earned a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from the Universidad Regiomontana in Monterrey, México.

Lylo has had the opportunity of working for large companies such as Multimedios in the area of sales and Grupo Modelo, in the area of marketing as Director of Sponsorships.

Her passion has always been to stand behind the microphone but after dealing with many closed doors in Monterrey, she decided to leave a safe career in Marketing to return to her hometown in Mcallen, TX and look for an opportunity in radio.

She then joined R Communications where after years of listening to Digital 101.5 FM, she became a part of the lineup for this station. Now, after years of hard work and determination, she can finally share her anecdotes and dreams with you on air.


Aspirations: To have peace and be happy… when you have those two things, the rest falls into place.

Interests/Talents: My greatest talent is sleeping, but since that doesn’t count, I went in search of another passion. I found that meditation came naturally and I loved it so much that soon I’ll have my teaching certificate… what a thrill!

“If I were an Emoji I would be:” 💕

Lylo | R Communications